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Dockwise, Firm Ships World’s Largest Health Of Transportation

Besides Rolldock Ships is one of oversized carrier of EU and Asia. The Dockwise is also a shipping company specializing in the world. Dockwise Shipping lines is the only corporation that owning specialize ship for oversize goods, which is providing logistics services for the Petrol, Construction company and … Navy

The spearhead of the Dockwise  shipping company Logistic team is the Blue Marlin, Mighty Servant, Super Servant, a total of 19 units. The vessels are capable of carrying much an oil rig, a crane or a full-scale naval ship large frigates. These ships are characterized by the pickup would sink wild pumping down to take delivery of goods after the goods were in the chambers, they will emerge and begin to move to the place of delivery. Currently Dock Wise pending development of a different design also in the process of construction and finishing – Vanguard – with carrying capacity greater than 50% and area of ​​the hull increased 70% compared to the most advanced ship today (Blue Marlin).

With enormous carrying capacity and the ability to carry cargo in package without removable, Dockwise Shipping lines provide an excellent logistics services for the oil and gas company, built by saving them time in the assembly of goods speedy development era of the current world market.


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