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As the industry has an important role in the economy, but our logistics industry has not got the human resources to meet the needs of development.

According to a survey conducted by the National Economics University’s Research and Development Institute, 80.26% of the staff in logistics companies were trained through daily work, 23.6% participate in training courses in the country, hire foreign experts to train 6.9%; Participation in overseas training courses was 3.9%. This is the consequence of the training has not accurately predicted the development of the industry and not associated with the actual demand for labor use of enterprises.

Although logistics companies are very “thirsty” human resources to carry out their business activities, there is the fact that at present, the human resources are experienced, knowledgeable in the field of logistics and use of English. good “flowing” to the hands of foreign enterprises
Only meet 40% of labor demand
Logistics in the world is defined as a service industry. In Vietnam, experts estimate that every year businesses pay 25% of GDP for logistics services.
According to the survey of the Ho Chi Minh City Research and Development Institute on the quality of logistics human resources, in Vietnam, the human resources of this sector are mainly taken from shipping agents. There are 53.3% of enterprises lack of qualified staff and knowledge of logistics, 30% of enterprises have to train their employees and only 6.7% of enterprises are satisfied with the expertise of their employees. .
These data show that logistics human resources in our country are not only in quantity but also in quality, which is very unreasonable with a service sector of up to 22 billion USD, accounting for 20.9% of GDP of the country, the annual growth rate is 20-25%.
At least 300,000 enterprises in the country are involved in the logistics industry, with about 1.5 million logistics workers, according to the Center for Labor Market Forecast and Information. Of which, HCMC accounts for about 40%. The recruitment demand of this industry, in the last months of 2015, increased sharply to 66%, leading the demand for recruitment in the industry in Ho Chi Minh City. Enterprises need more laborers in positions such as document staff – customs procedures, import-export, purchasing, administration – warehouse management … At the same time, many skilled technicians Position such as: Driving heavy vehicles, depots, delivery staff.
From now to 2020, economic sectors, including logistics in Ho Chi Minh City, will have demand for up to 25,000 workers. The logistics industry is a development trend, continuing to need more manpower in the years to come. The income level of this industry is also higher than the general level, but the supply of new labor only meets about 40% of the demand.
This is a high-income occupation – an opportunity for young workers
Due to the lack of logistics human resources as well as the perception of enterprises that the role of logistics is increasing, those who are trained and experienced in this field are always the “point of view” of enterprises. Therefore, the income of these people is quite high. An employee working in the field revealed that the employee was paid $ 300 or more in salaries, $ 1,000 in executive salary, $ 3,000 in administration fees.

Decision No. 175 QD-TTg dated January 27, 2011 of the Prime Minister approving “The overall strategy for the service sector of Vietnam up to 2020” states: “Logistics is a key factor to promote production development, distribution system of other services and commodity circulation “. This shows that the development of logistics and logistics human resources has become a national program. Demand for logistics personnel in the future will continue to increase and will attract hundreds of thousands of young manpower to participate.
(Source: aggregate statistics)